Skinny Fiber Benefits

January 24, 2013 Posted by Admin

Scientifically formulated with some of the world’s best ingredients, Skinny Fiber Benefits include:

  • Better absorption of vitamins and minerals
  • Help break down fat for weight loss
  • Improves blood sugar imbalances
  • Digests cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Slows down aging, includes skin aging
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Eat Less & feel full
  • Melt away stubborn fat
  • Flush away ugly toxins
  • Stabilizes blood sugar
  • Stops flare ups from IBS
  • Reduces hot flashes
  • Reduces body fat and preserves muscle tissue. (Chá de bugre)
  • Relieves coughs, regulates renal function, reduces uric acid (Chá de bugre)

Skinny Fiber is not like any other weight loss product.
No caffeine or other stimulants.
No chemicals that can cause side effects.

Why Do People Love Skinny Fiber?
Because of the Skinny Fiber Benefits and it WORKS!!!!!


Skinny Fiber is scientifically formulated with the world’s healthiest and most effective weight melting ingredients.


Skinny Fiber Benefits Glucomannan is a very unique all natural dietary fiber that expands 50 times its size and the result is you feel full and the pounds drop off quickly. Glucomannan also collects and removes fat from the colon wall and that promotes bowel elimination while absorbing intestinal toxins and helping to normalize blood sugar. Glucomannan is a unique all natural soluble dietary fiber defined on Wikipedia as “a food additive used as an emulsifier and thickener.” Believed to expand in your stomach to make you feel full, Glucomannan may help suppress your appetite to overcome the #1 enemy to weight management, overeating.*

In addition, in double blind clinical studies, Glucomannan has been shown to have other health benefits such as helping to support cholesterol levels already with the normal range and more.* Glucomannan is a true wonder ingredient!

Glucomannan is used for constipation, weight loss in adults and children, type 2 diabetes, blood sugar control, and lowering cholesterol. In foods, glucomannan is used as a thickener or gelling agent. Glucommanan flour and powder are used in food.


Skinny Fiber Benefits Caralluma Fimbriata is a new arrival in the family of cactii and succulent plants that are   becoming increasingly popular for their appetite suppressant, and weight loss properties, as well as their ability to lower blood sugar. It is a natural appetite suppressant used in India for centuries particularly in times of famine. Caralluma Fimbriata is also believed to block the formation of fat and forces fat reserves to be burned and results in lower blood sugar.




Skinny Fiber BenefitsChá de Bugre is the Brazilian secret to weight loss because of it’s ability to stimulate fat burning and also gently energizes your metabolism while at the same time it lowers your cravings for food.





The Power of Enzymes round off the Skinny Fiber Benefits!

The biggest CHALLENGE to losing weight is that most of us are NOT getting enough enzymes from our food to properly DIGEST what we eat. This enzyme deficiency causes our food NOT to digest completely, which leads to TOXINS in our body, NEW FAT FORMING, AND a WEAKER immune system….ALL of which makes losing weight VERY DIFFICULT, no matter HOW MUCH we diet and exercise!


That’s why Skinny Fiber is the FIRST and ONLY product of its kind PACKED with nutrient-rich ENZYMES designed to help get your body in a POSITION where it is READY to lose weight! Another Skinny Fiber Benefits!




skinny fiber



Skinny Fiber Benefits Testimonials

January 22, 2013 Posted by Admin

Skinny Fiber Benefits Testimonials

…… I started taking Skinny Fiber in September 2011 and since that time, my IBS has all but gone. I love how flat my stomach feels after all those years of painful bloating and the lbs appear to be slowly slipping……Joanne

…….. I have lost about 13 inches which now I am wearing a size 12/14 and that’s down from wearing a TIGHT size 18/20…. I am grateful for being introduced to Skinny Fiber!!!!!!!!….Sonya Lost 42 Pounds in 8 Months

…… I have Arthritis & have trouble with my knees, that I am unable to do a lot of things………Let’s just say, Skinny Fiber has changed my life & my family’s as well. I feel so much better. I have energy. I can mow the lawn now & still be able to breathe and walk afterwards…….Sandi Lost 25 Pounds in 9 Weeks

………I have lost 10 pounds and alot of inches!! And I feel Fantastic!! Skinny Fiber is doing what it says it will do! My appetite has decreased tremoudously and I have so much energy!!………….Sheyrl

…..I have not only lost 20 lbs but have gone from a size 10 to a size 6 and feel better than I have in a long time!! Skinny fiber works……Nancy

………I’m down 10 pounds and 5 inches off my belly!! Thank you Skinny Fiber!!!……Christine

Kevin lost 20 pounds
Pauline lost 53 pounds
Tina lost 12 pounds
Timothy lost 47 pounds
Vicki lost 85 pounds
Krystal lost 104 pounds
Deb lost 41 pounds

…………so many more testimonials, too many to list here!!!


 Skinny Fiber Benefits
Eat Less and Feel Full
Flatten Your Tummy
Melt Away Stubborn Fat
Gently Boost Metabolism


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